"Walking on My Hands"

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talk radio


Combining a love for blues, classic, and roots rock with a modern edge and bite, Talk Radio set out to bring a fresh and fun sound to the stage that has something for everyone. Drummer Andrew Karsten’s heavy-handed beats combined with guitarist Lucas Powell’s riff-driven arrangements and bassist/vocalist Patty PerShayla’s driving rhythms and attitude create a sound so full and hard hitting, you’ll be amazed they’re only a three-piece. As a group of misfit nerds and outcasts themselves, Talk Radio bring an authentic approach to songwriting, fueled by PerShayla’s witty and sincere lyrics, focused around internal struggles and self-empowerment (and maybe a little Skyrim).

With their first single, “Walking on My Hands” released on all major download and streaming platforms, Talk Radio are currently in the process of recording their debut EP.


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